Radiation Shielding Doors

Lead shield Doors and Door frames

A full line of high quality lead lined doors  and door frames, produced by SCP for building a safe environment  in hospitals, medical centers or for other facility uses.

Wooden lead- lined doors are manufactured  with a sheet of lead, of various thicknesses, according to the specifications required and they offer X-Ray protection.

The finishing of doors is of laminate sheet and the total thickness 46mm


X-Ray protection requires special lead-lined door frames as well, forming thus an effective barrier to radiation in all directions.

SCP lead-line door frames are constructed with aluminum profile of special shape that supports the heavy weight of the wood lead-lined door.  They include lead strips  in various thicknesses up to 3mm.

The system also includes
  •  Special lockers with eccentric holes to avoid radiation escape
  • Aluminium hinges suitable for the additional weight in a lead lined door