Movable partition system 100mm width

The SCP company’s S-2000 series internal partitions is the most reliable solution for spaces with sound absorption and visibility requirements as the sound absorption index of the partition is Rw = 45dB. The frame is made of aluminum profiles in all elements, double-sides lining of 16mm thick suspended melamine and rockwool core, the S-2000 series offers a compact and unitary construction by departmentalization working positions without visible support elements. Inside the partition there is the possibility of passage electrical parts, while it is quickly dismantled and easily re-placed in another space, as its application does not require special holes and connectors, elements which may cause damage.


In the places where a window opening is provided, a divided frame is applied with two single panes of glass with or without blinds.


The S-2000 series works with 46mm thick door leaf with HPL (formica) or melamine sheet with aluminum edge or 2mm thick pvc film as well as with securit glass door and aluminum door with rotating internal blind.