Movable partition system 60mm width

Easy, fast and flexible, the S-1000 partition system offers an aesthetic effect and flexibility in the modern professional space.

The S-1000 aluminum office partition system is easy and flexible, meeting the needs of every space in which it is applied. The thickness of the partition is 60mm, a fact which serves the partitioning of work spaces with discretion, while ensuring privacy or transparency depending on the of filling material. With the visible support elements, which are made entirely of aluminum, it accepts filling materials from 10mm to 48mm while it is quickly disassembled and easily repositioned in another place, since its application does not require special holes and connectors, elements that may cause damage.

Filling Materials

The S-1000 series provides a big variety of filling materials, such as single, double or soundproof glazing with a rotating blind of 16mm or 25mm width. Also, is offers the option of creating a blind section, up to the desired height with melamine or formica panel, with a core of sound-insulating material (rock wool or expanded polystyrene). While its profiles are applied easily in vertical and horizontal arrangement, it offers the correlations which the study chooses between the transparent and blind surfaces.

Door Leaves

The S-1000 series works with 46mm thick door leaf with HPL (formica) or melamine sheet with aluminum edge or 2mm thick pvc film as well as with securit glass door and aluminum door with rotating internal blind.

  • They are installed quickly, easily and cleanly even in areas that are in operation.
  • They offer sound insulation and thermal insulation.
  • They offer a choice of filling materials, single or double glazing, vinyl, melamine, formica panels, etc.
  • They offer a variety of colors in aluminum profiles.
  • They are installed directly on the project without preliminary work.
  • They can be moved and can be repositioned.
  • They create modern business spaces.